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"Identity Crisis: Part 2" is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of ReBoot, and the thirteenth episode overall. It originally aired on January 21, 1995 on YTV and September 16, 1995 on ABC.

DVD Log Line

After Cyrus betrays his fellow sprites by handing over their PIDs to Megabyte, Dot and Bob must traverse the Funhouse game. Phong temporarily distorts Dot's reality to show her what Mainframe would be like if she were nullified. —ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition



  • In this episode, Phong both observes the action within a Game from outside, and enters a Game already in progress, things which are clearly established as impossible in the rest of the series. No explanation is given.


  • The last three episodes of Season 1 were instead aired as the first three episodes of Season 2 on ABC, making this the third.
  • Feathers McGraw sighting: In Phong's alleyway, just before Dot's encounter with him.


"Identity Crisis - Fun House" by Bob Buckley



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