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The Primitives

A geometric primitive, in computer graphics and animation, is the simplest geometric object the system can handle. In 3D animation, this mostly means basic 3D shapes that can be generated with only a few numbers of input, from which the program can mathematically calculate the entire shape. Common primitives include:

  • Sphere - can be modeled from a single value, its radius.
  • Box - height, width, and depth (or, if a cube, a single value for all three)
  • Cylinder - radius and height
  • Cone - base radius and height
  • Torus (donut shape) - outer and inner radius

A teapot is included among some programs' primitives as an inside joke, as well as providing a more complex demo object.

While there are other methods, more complex shapes are often created by starting with a primitive and then modifying it.

In addition to being much easier to model than more complex shapes, primitives also render faster.

Uses in ReBoot

  • The (fab!) Primitives in "Talent Night", of course.
  • Binomes are based around spheres and cubes, which in most cases have parts (such as arms and legs) added to them but are not fundamentally altered.
  • Hack and Slash have rolly-balls instead of feet, and Megabyte has a sphere for a pelvis.
  • Game cubes. 'Nuff said.
  • Donuts are a popular food among sprites, since they're essentially just tori with optional frosting.
  • The Net pathways are full of primitives: mostly spheres and boxes, the occasional cone or pyramid, and (in ReBoot: The Ride) a few teapots and desk lamps. (The spheres, for certain, are portals to systems; the rest of them might be another form of portal, or something we are unacquainted with.)
  • "Racing the Clock": The infinite loop starts as a sphere before collapsing into a torus.