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Scuzzy is Hexadecimal’s multi-tasking, multi-media spy. He speed-wheels about Mainframe, silently collecting data by recording scenes he witnesses to replay for Hexadecimal through a projector on the top of his body.[1]

Hexadecimal has a little “pet” named Scuzzy, a speedy-wheeled spy which can replay scenes it has witnessed through a domed projector on the top of it’s [sic] small body. Scuzzy is the ultimate spy as he is sly, devious, cunning, and can navigate the city of Mainframe unseen. Insidious to the core, he’ll sell out anyone.

Scuzzy does not have the ability to talk, but he does communicate by playing through recorded images to pull together patchwork sentences or nasty comments. When exiting a room, Scuzzy spins like a top before zipping off at high speed - usually right into the wall or doorframe. Dazed, he regains composure, and wobbles out the door.[2]



In ReBoot: Countdown to Chaos, after you defeat Clash, he divides into Hack, Slash, and Scuzzy. However, in an earlier cutscene, Scuzzy can be seen in a photograph of Hexadecimal, which is a contradiction.


  • Scuzzy's name is spelled Skuzzy in the titles of his trading card and DVD profiles, while the actual profiles use the usual spelling.


Computer References

  • SCSI, pronounced "Scuzzy", stands for Small Computer System Interface.

Cultural References

  • Mike the TV refers to Scuzzy as Hex's familiar, in analogy to, for example, a witch's cat. Whether "familiar" might be Scuzzy's actual format is open to debate.





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